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Wednesday, April 29

Jim Jeffries

I had the dubious pleasure of seeing this guy on DVD at the weekend. He's of Antipodean blood, and is most famous on youtube for being the comedian that someone got up on stage and punched him in the head. This becomes an entire section of the DVD, where he talks about it.
Whilst he is very funny, I can't help compare him to another famous offensive comedian called Jerry Sadowitz, who would just go out to upset as many people as possible. Now before you watch this weeks video, I have to warn you. My father will probably leave a comment saying how this isn't funny because he swears a lot. So does Jim Davidson, so does Chubby Brown, and so do a lot of other comedians. Now admittedly this doesn't make it any funnier, and in some cases detracts from the humour, but the reality is I still laughed. He's making a living from getting up on stage, telling stories with swearing in, and getting paid a few hundred a night for a 5 minute set. Whilst I don't admire his methods, I'm insanely jealous that this can be done. Obviously, this also means don't watch this at work, not unless you're in with your bosses and your job is really safe and secure. Please Dad, save the rant, probably best if you don't watch this.
Everyone else, Enjoy.
*Edit* This video is great, but when you're not ready for it, it plays which means for the next two weeks each time you visit the blog it'll play in the background, which is really annoying. So, I have changed it to a link for you.
Jim Jeffries at a porn supermarket