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Wednesday, April 1

Keith Loutit

Here is a true artist. He has a style which he has adopted as his own, and at the weekend Scary posted his video called "Bathtub IV" which made me sit and and notice his style.

The video is simple enough to replicate. Take a busy scene, in the case of Bathtub IV, a beach in Sydney, and film it for a few hours. Take the video, separate it into frames (typically 4000-6000 frames!) and then add an effect called 'tilt-shift' where the image is unfocused at the top and bottom, then increase the saturation making the colours look fake. Take every 4th or 5th frame and put them all back together into a video. The effect is so stunning. Bathtub IV shows the tale of a fisherman who falls into the sea, and the rescue services get to him. "Helpless" is another one taken on the beach, but this time it's based around a protest made by greenpeace about whaling in the Pacific.

And finally, my favourite. Mardi gras is a street party done the same style, but the people on the street look like plastic figures.


Mardi Gras from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

*edit* You can now view the videos