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Wednesday, April 15

On meeting celebrities

Yesterday, I was out and about on the bike (Yes Jo, it has two wheels, so it is a bike). I popped into a local petrol station on the way home, and there in front of me are two huge BMW GS1200s, both waiting for their riders to return from the shop. As I climb off, I catch a glimpse of the rider returning, and he walks over with his mate behind, and salutes me, presumably because I'm a fellow biker (yes Jo, it has two wheels, so it is a bike). Then, I notice the second biker hasn't put his helmet back on, and it's Charley Boorman. Doing a double-take, I realise the one that saluted me with his open face helmet is Ewan McGregor. The boys do their off road training down here, and they'd popped out to refuel themselves and the bikes.
Ewan went back to his bike, but Charley (always the friendlier one in my opinion) came over and started chatting to me. I shook him by the hand, and asked what he's up to. They're planning a trip on quad bikes to the Antarctic, but at the moment they're just testing the (cold) water. He was asking about my bike, and complimented me on it, saying something that I agree with. He said he's ridden hundreds of bikes over the years, and none are so much fun as a fairly large scooter. I would have asked them for their autographs, but that would have been so tacky and normal. I also would have asked to get their picture taken with them, but didn't have anyone nearby to take their picture (and Ewan was already back on his bike getting ready to leave). I have to admit however, I was tempted to pop into the shop and buy a marker pen, so that I could ask them to sign the bike. How cool would that have been. Unfortunately, they were already going pretty damn sharpish, so I bid them fairwell, and best of luck on their next adventure.
Some of you might be reading this and wondering who they are. Ewan is best known as playing the younger Obi Wan Kenobi in the newer Star Wars Trilogy. Charley is one of his best friends. They both take trips worldwide, which leads me onto this weeks video. They decided to ride from London to New York, the "Long Way Round," through Russia etc. All 20,000 miles of it.

In their second adventure they rode from John 'o Groats down to Cape Town, through Africa, the "Long Way Down."