King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, May 12


This new job, new life and new schedule is driving me crazy. There aren't enough hours in the day, so yesterday I failed to post. So, I'm sorry. Today, however, I will do a proper post.

First of all, the answers to last week's quiz.
  • MFI - Mullard Furniture Industries
  • C&A - Clemens et August (a Dutch partnership that started off just making clothes.)
  • HMV - His Master's Voice (yes, I know it was easy. That's why I threw it in!)
  • Tesco - T.E. Stockwell and Albert Cohen (Jewish maybe?)
  • Asda - Associated Dairies (6 milkmen in Yorkshire, apparently)
  • DFS - Debenham's Furniture Store (set up as a subsidiary of the department store)
  • B&Q - Block and Quayle (and no, not Dan)
  • JJB - The original store was established by JJ Broughton in the early 1900s and was then bought by JJ Braddock and then JJ Bradburn. As these initials were all the same the business was known locally as JJB's.
  • BHS - British Home Stores (yes, another easy one)
  • TK Maxx - A red Herring. It's a variant on TJ Maxx, the US based company named after their parent comapny TJX Industries. They changed it to TK to stop confusion with TJ Hughes (No relation)
  • Lego (for Mosh) - from Leg Godt, Danish for play well.
  • Qantas (also for Mosh) - Queensland and Northern Territories Air Services (obvious once you know it).
Now for a quiz completely different. I'm going to give you some equations, you have to tell me what they equal.
  • Multiply by 9, divide by 5, add 32
  • Volts times amps.
  • multiply by 4.54.
  • multiply by 5, divide by 8.
  • multiply by 2.2
  • Current divided by the resistance
  • divide by 1,048,576
  • Multiply by 4.34 (bonus points for having the time to do this one.)
  • weight divided by height
  • multiply by 761
Bonus points again for inventiveness.