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Thursday, May 21

Court in the act

Today, those of you with facebook will already know, I am in court.

Why does everyone assume that if you're in court, you're the plaintiff (the bloke what's got nicked). John is a witness in a case, hopefully leading to punishment of the little fucker delightful boy that decided to burn down a small footbridge in the village. I've taken two days off, John has some smart clothes on, and we're going to be in Neath all day at the cost of her majesty. John's a little nervous, but better he sees the judicial system from this side then the 'wrong' side. Oh yeah, and the little fucker delightful boy that John is testifying against is the same little fucker delightful boy that had John arrested and cautioned for giving him a slap a few years ago.

Never has the old addage "bide your time, revenge will be sweet" been more true. WIsh us luck.