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Friday, May 22

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Akay, a serious post...

Here in the UK we're kinda unique. Any person from anywhere in the world comes here, saying how they don't like where they live because of religious persecution or war, and we give them a house, money and eventually UK citizenship. Now this should make us a good thing, meaning we're experts in human rights and also meaning that people know they always have somewhere to turn in the event of losing their homes. This system, however, has been abused (not surprisingly). Every Pole, Turk or Iraqi without a job at home has realised they can turn up here and get free money. They sell their wife, kids and pet guinea pig so that they can get passage through the tunnel from France or a dodgy illegal passport stating how they're actually from the EU and they have a right to move here. This is not a good thing.

However, the fat heads in Westminster, in between diddling their expenses claims, have to pontificate about our soldiers. For 200 years another nation's soldiers have fought alongside our boys giving their own lives to ensure that our stiff upper lip stays stiff and upper. And yet, when they retire, they have to go home to their poverty stricken mountain village to no income and a life led out in complete obscurity. I am of course referring to the Gurkhas, who it was finally announced yesterday get accepted as UK citizens and are allowed to settle here.

What amazes me is how the parliamentary pricks could have such a differing level of double standard. Admittedly they have done the very right thing by allowing the Gurkhas to settle, but surely it didn't require a debate. It should have been offered to them when they first helped us back in the mists of time.