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Tuesday, May 26

A day in the life

Yes, Debster and Pseudonymph, I am letting my blogging lapse. I apologise, but so you understand, I thought I should post about a typical day in my life...

7:00am: Get up, get John ready for school
7:30am: Go back to bed.
9:00am: Get up. Fart, cough and sneeze. Take a quick bath, or shave and shampoo.
9:30am: Iron work clothes.
9:45am: Check emails, make phonecalls, sort PCs.
10:30am: Leave for work.
11:15am-ish: Start work.
8:30pm: Leave work
9:00pm: Stop in Tesco for beer and food.
9:15pm: Get home, drink beer, eat food.
10:30pm: Sleep.

And yet, it's only 3 days a week. 4, this week (overtime... yummy). And on Saturday it's even worse.
7:30am: Get up
8:00am: Leave for work
8:30am: Start work
6:30pm: Leave work
7:30pm: Get to Berties.
The rest I'll leave to your imagination.

But on Sunday, I spend the day with Bertie. This means nothing is set, but normally involves me moaning about my sore feet and legs.
And on the rest of the days (2 or 3), I have to fit in all the work I used to do in 7 days. This can be as many as 6 jobs a day. Mind you, before you go complaining, at least I don't post once every couple of months.