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Thursday, May 7

One of those father/son moments

I was in the bathroom having a shave, when Johnaitch knocked on the door.

"Are you going to be long? I need a pee."

I reply, "It's ok, you can come in, I'm just having a shave."

In he comes, and in one of those male moments we all seem to suffer at motorway services or in the loos at the pub, he says "I thought I needed to go, but I don't any more."

Confuscious say "Man suspects being watched will not pee"

The conversation shifted to me having a shave. "Why do you shave your ears?" he asked.

"I don't. What makes you ask that?"

"You've got shaving foam on your ears."

"That's where I splashed it on. That's normal."

"Is that why your ears are hairy then?"

"Why you little..."