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Wednesday, May 6

Dancing the night away

A couple of weeks ago, whilst at Bertie's, some friends came over. Having too much embibement of alcohol meant that before long they would dance to anything, and it just so happened that at the time I had a CD in the car with a track I used to DJ with. Let me explain.
As a DJ you're expected to be the life and soul of the party. As I'm sure Sharon will attest to, one way of doing this is to speak with a smile. This comes across in whatever you have to say, and so makes people enjoy the party more. Another thing that used to happen was people would ask for some truly horrific songs, and we'd started to do what became known as "Rik's silly bit."
The track would always start off with "Oops upside your head" or as others call it, the "row boat song." If you've never seen it (Dad) or are old and boring (Dad) then this is a great start. I found this, which demonstrates what a DJ has to do, and how much fun it is.
The track moves into such classics as the Macarena and Saturday Night which were cheesy enough. Then we'd go even further. Agadoo (possibly the worst song ever) and the Hokey Cokey were all victims. It would all end with the Time Warp with the obligatory "put your hands on your tits."
Whilst this track is great, it doesn't have recent stuff on it. In recent times (2002, so not that recent) my favourite is this week's video of the week. A verbalised version of Chocolate Puma's "I wanna be you," Nigel and Marvin did a dance version called "Follow the Leader."

Now whilst researching this on Monday, I also found a classic dance done in a truly unique way... YMCA, as seen on Wayne's World 2. One of those moments on par with Del and Rodney dressed as Batman and Robin, they end up on stage in a gay club, dressed as the village people. Laugh? I pissed myself!