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Thursday, June 11

More on night terrors

Yes, 6 odd years since they began, Johnaitch still has night terrors. Admittedly they've changed over the years, but the general effect is still the same. The slightest noise, normally around midnight, and he'll freak. It'll start off with a panicked "NNNNNNnnnnnnggggghhhhhhh!!!", followed by a few choice swearwords (which have gotten more colourful over the years as you can imagine). Well recently they seem to be calming down, but with an interesting twist. Take last night for example.
The usual scream, followed by "fookin' 'ell, nooooo, please. PLEEEEAAASE. Shit. You're fookin' havin' a laugh. *giggle*" and I then said the usual "go to sleep John, it's just a bad dream."
"No I'm not."
"Yes you are."
"Oh yeah, sorry. Zzzzz"

If nothing else, they are becoming entertaining.