King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, June 16

Is life supposed to be this difficult?

First of all, I have genuinely been trying to post. Blogger's front page shows me the blogs I can add to, but clicking on "new post" for mine and it just shows a blank page but with the word "add" in the top left corner. I shall invite t' duck and BLS to become authors, but they better not be posting about me or I'll cry and sit in the corner sulking.
Secondly, for reasons I won't go into, the bestest job in the world has turned into the 'not there'-ist job in the world. At this precise moment in time, I'm unemployed. Well, as unemployed as I was before I went to Maplin, which wasn't very unemployed anyway.
And thirdly, I have spent this past week making big friends with all the guys at the South Wales Boat Show. Ben, their fair leader, spent a small fortune on sound equipment for the show, and I offered to help set it all up for him on Thursday and Friday. It did it's job, but next time it'll be even better. I even returned yesterday to help him pack it all away, and I now have a 1600w amp and mixer, and 6 nice speakers to cheer up my neighbours with. I have also had an invite to help out at the North Wales Boat Show at the end of July, and seeing as I was going to be up there anyway, why not make some cash on the side?
The show itself was amazing. I know nothing about boats except they're set to move you from a to b without (normally) getting you wet. I went on a zapcat, a sort of inflatable but hard bottomed boat with an engine presumably from a porsche or some such because even with my not inconsiderable weight, the guy running the boat almost got us airbourne. I was grinning from ear to ear after some 60 seconds of forcing water into places I didn't know you could force water into. I also got me a baseball cap with "Wreck" written on it, so I can easily be identified. The only downside was the food, which was restricted to sausages or burgers by 2pm Sunday afternoon, but this was because so many had turned up and the caterers couldn't cope. I still know nothing about boats, but now I have new friends, if I ever want to buy one, I know who to ask.