King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, June 17


I'm in!!!! (tee-hee). Thanks Broski.

To be quite honest, I'm still in shock that you gave me access so quickly! And I promise not to make you go hide in a corner. (yet)

Isn't trust a great thing?! (especially when used correctly)

Anyways, I feel very honoured to be able to post my first evah blog, courtesy of Broski.

Staying with the YEEE-HARRRR title of this post, I've posted a link to a brilliant "country style" song that I have only just discovered - thanks to Graham Norton on TV the other night. Lily Allen is the singer. Where the heck have I been???! (yes, in the backwaters of swampy Florida, but that's still no excuse). This lady is a brilliant singer and her songs are even better! And, as a plus, she is a Londoner! I asked my (Yankee) husband if he could detect the Cockney accent, but alas, "no". I then asked if he could understand the words. Again, "no". I then called my best friend in Walthamstow (great Cockney territory) and spoke to her boyfriend (a Scouser).

Cuz'n Doug (hubby) spoke to the Scouser for 10 minutes, thinking that he was Broski (aka Mr. Cockney!). I guess I need help...