King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, July 13

eBay (and other auction sites)

I've been shopping a lot recently on this well known auction site, and I think it's time for a beginner's guide to eBay...
  • Search - Find loads of badly spelt items in categories they really shouldn't be in.
  • UK eBay only - as long as Hong Kong and Japan are in the UK
  • Postage and Packing uncluded - Sent by Jeff and his white van. Don't expect it to get there in one piece.
  • One careful owner - (especially with cars) done 10 times what's expected of it, and it really is on it's last legs.
  • Slight damage - F**ked.
  • Sold as seen - F**ked.
  • Untested - F**ked.
  • Microsoft - F**ked.
  • Check out my feedback - I got all my mates to leave good feedback.
  • Check out my eBay shop - Because I'm too tight to pay for a real website, with merchant services.
  • Pay easily and quickly with PayPal - give us more money in the way of fees.