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Tuesday, July 21

Tidying up

Before our jaunt north to the delightful Bryn and family, I feel I have to tidy up around here. First of all, last week's answers.
  • Billion = Million² or ^ 2 , Trillion = Million³ or ^ 3. So what is a million ^ 7? Technically, Septillion. Well done Pseudonymph.
  • A triangle has 3 sides, a Pentagon has 5 sides. What would a 23 sided object be called? Tridodecagon (named after 3+(2x10))
  • Binary is base 2, Decimal is base 10. What is base 32? (*ack*) TRT got this right, with Duotrigesimal, but I'm not sure if it should be duotridecimal.
  • United means as one. What about if it's split in two? Bited.
  • A Bicycle has 2 wheels, a Trike has 3 wheels. What would a 4 wheeled bike be called? Aha, suckers. A bike is 2 wheels... A quadbike is an oxymoron.

Also, I have finally sort of got my lounge organised. As promised (some 6 months later), here are some pics. (clicky to embiggen any of them)

Looking from the far corner into the kitchen. Note the subtle green paint (battleship grey) and the chocolate coloured throw and curtains.

Looking back out to the hall, you'll notice the huge pile of stuff waiting to go to the boatshow tomorrow. Also, note the picture on the wall above the settee.

The untidy corner, with TV etc. I hate wires. Tesla was definitely onto something.

The picture on the wall is a genuine front page of the Illustrated London News Supplement from April 22nd 1854, showing how the Crystal Palace had almost completed it's transfer from Hyde Park to it's new home in South London. The print has been treated and framed professionally so that it'll not fade or yellow.

And finally, I will be posting over the next week, but they'll be short posts. John is heading off to Scotland for 3 weeks, and so I'm going to use the time constructively and sort out his bedroom.