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Sunday, August 2

For Sale...

From the eBay website...

It's a sad day. This is the last 440 I'll probably ever own, and has been looked after for tha past 3 years. It was a true workhorse, and was looked after with the best of everything. In fact, this car is a minor celebrity, having appeared on Honest John's Website

And then, the timing belt snapped last Tuesday. This means that almost definitely, the engine has taken to looking like a mangled lump of metal inside. I might be wrong, and you might bag yourself a bargain.

OK, so here's a list of things that I have put new or reconditioned on it in the past year, or things that might be of value to you.

* Most importantly, the wheels. These are exceptionally rare 7 spoke alloys by Volvo called Axiams, and are all in good nick. They are worth £400 and have sold for that on here before now. I would sell them separately, but then I wouldn't be able to move the car. They also come with 4 brand new tyres. The spare is a normal rim, but also with a new tyre.
* A Towbar, with electrics. This is easy to swap over to another 4 series volvo, just requiring removal of the bumper, then adding it to the mount points, before returning the bumper to it's mount.
* A reconditioned alternator, with receipt for 5 months ago that gives it another month of guarantee.
* A new 065 Battery, purchased after the alternator went belly up.
* A new radiator, from November last year.

Bad things.

* Obviously, this car will not drive away. The whole engine is making a really horrible noise when you try to start it, or move it.
* The back wheel arch on one side is a little ropey, but not enough to fail the MOT
* A drive shaft boot has a small split, meaning it would fail the MOT. This would typically cost £10 and would take a competent mechanic half an hour to replace.
* No parcel shelf. I've nicked it because I need one for my car now. If this bothers you, we can come to an arrangement.

Usual restrictions on buying this. Cash on collection, or I'll wait a couple of weeks for you to collect if you pay me via paypal. Low feedback customers please contact me first. I don't mind if you have low feedback, we all started somewhere. I will sell immediately if you make a reasonable offer, but I will also have a reserve. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me on email. I will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.