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Monday, September 28

Digital Freeview

And so, the advent of free digital TV via your aerial is hitting the valleys. The long awaited digital revolution has been expected for 11 years, and they give us, their customers, a whole 3 weeks to get boxes and aerials installed before they turn off the analogue signal. Now you know me, I don't like to gripe. Ok, maybe a little. I plugged in my freeview plus box, the one I got about a year ago in Tesco, and only plugged in now because it wouldn't have worked before. And surprise surprise, it didn't work. The viewing part worked well enough, but the recording facility, the circuitry that takes it from being a freeview box to a freeview plus box, was cattled. Seeing 4 out of 5 seconds of any programme is not only annoying, it's also very difficult to keep up with. The live pause doesn't work either, meaning the live TV catches up sooner or later.
Meanwhile, in the bedroom I have a £17 freeview box. This is all well and good, and I have all the channels I'd come to expect plus a few I didn't. I now have a channel called "directgov" which gives me information on what my taxes are going for, a new channel on freeview apparently. I also have a channel called Rabbit, which is something for lonely women (*no comment*). And also Gay Rabbit, which I'm guessing comes after a quick shake and then doesn't work again for 8 hours. I have every BBC radio station, I have some new channels inventively called 301, 302 and 303 (no prizes for guessing which channel they're on), and I can watch 24 hours of news in Asia.
Or I would if it weren't for one defect. Some nerd called Norman in the local transmitter station keeps unplugging it. The picture freezes, then reports "no signal." Norman, meanwhile, swears, picks himself up off the concrete building's floor, looks at what he's tripped over again, and plugs it back in. Et Voila, I have all my channels back. Then I get a message.
"Please retune your freeview box."