King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, September 25

Guest bloggers required

Next week, as I'm sure some of you will already know, I am going under the knife. Early on Wednesday morning I will be checking into Hotel Morriston, where I will be prepped for my hernia to be finally sorted out after 5 years of having an 'outy' belly button. Tania is coming to stay (good times) but I will be in a lot of pain (bad times) and so I'd like to offer my dearest readers the chance to post. If you're interested in doing a post, then please send me an email to, and I'll send you an invite to write on the blog. Tania will also be doing a post, but she doesn't know it yet. As for subject matter, I think having a general theme would be a good idea, so how about something you did that was really stupid as a child. You know, the tale of the time you first got drunk on your parent's drinks cabinet (Duck), or the time you shut your little brother's finger in the sunbed (BLS).
I meanwhile have chosen a name for the new car. It already has the initials CS on it, so it'll now be known as Chemo, short for Chemo Saaby.