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Thursday, September 10

Gadgets for women

Us men are notorious for liking gadgets. Channel 5's Gadget Show is testimony to this. It has the yummy Suzi Perry, but this is for all the wrong reasons, not because she's a dedicated gadgeteer. Gadgets are by and large a male domain, and in a truly sexist world there are few things that could be classed as gadgets in a woman's world.
A woman's compact. This little foldy flippy thing has 4 functions. To hold some sort of powder for make up (being a bloke, I don't know what this make up is called). To house a little brush thingy to apply the make up to the face. A mirror so you can see if the make up is going to the right place, and a very cool little light so you can apply the make up in the dark. I've been reliably informed that this light, and the small mirror, makes you look like a minstrel (the singer, not the chocolate) so how on earth can the makeup be a true representation of what everyone else sees I have no idea. In short, as a gadget, it's full of FAIL.
Another good women's gadget is a simplified remote control. Women cannot grasp the concept of all in one remote controls. The idea that if they want to control the TV, they must choose TV first is completely foreign to them. "This remote's not working again. Everytime I try to change channel, the volume goes up." Tell me I'm wrong (which I'm sure you will).
And finally, sat nav. Tomtom could make their fortune by bringing out a women's sat nav. It would have a special touchscreen with the ability to work with just finger nails. It would also have routes chosen to direct them through the shopping areas instead of around them. The voices would be masculine and deep, maybe George Clooney or Brad Pitt, and they could be interspersed with the occasional "oooh look there's a Dorothy Perkins over there, and it has a sale on."
Finally, women and gadgets. Don't.