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Wednesday, September 9

Kids TV

When I was a kid, TV was the only guaranteed indoor entertainment. No computer games, no DVDs, if you were lucky you would spend many hours making things with Lego or Airfix. The TV was normally a last resort, but if it was entertaining you would sometimes go out of your way to watch it. Programmes like Johnny Ball's Think of a Number and Think Again would get me time and again. There was the mayhem of shows like Crackerjack (CRACKERJACK!) or Chegger's plays pop, but there was also the smaller more patronizing stuff for younger children. The grand daddy of them all was Playschool, and it's slightly more annoying sister programme Play Away (watch this clip and spot Jeremy Irons). ITV's equivalent twoddle was Pipkins and more famously Rainbow.
When Rainbow was finally taken off the air in 1992 when it wasn't considered entertaining enough (have you seen the drivel they've replaced it with???). The cast and crew (including Rod Skelton, voice of Zippy and also the Daleks) were so fed up at being laid off, they made an adult version. If you ever saw this series you'd love this, but even if you didn't you'd still be laughing like a silly at all the innuendo.