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Wednesday, September 30

On IT Support Hell

A Scaryduck guest blog of DOOM.

My brother and I both found ourselves working in the IT industry, providing technical support to idiots in large companies.

While I preferred to wait and plan my awful revenge, my brother went for the full-on Bastard Operator from Hell route, and specialised in bawling out particularly stupid end users, because they deserved it.

So, while I sat at my desk devising painful death on the end users at a tyre and accessories company that rhymed with "Motorgay", little brother stalked the corridors at his company's HQ, rounding on the guy who had just left a particularly snarky message on his department's phone over the late arrival or otherwise of some printed reports.

Result: Stand-up toe-to-toe argument which ended with the victim's mumbled apology in front of a stunned office, before going off to a corner, wishing for death.

Eventually, the silence was broken.

"You do have any idea who that was?"

"Err… no."

"Gerald Fucking Ratner"

Days later, a clearly rattled Gerald Fucking Ratner made his now famous "total crap" speech and wiped half a billion off the company's value.

If you are a former Ratner's worker, my brother would like to point out he is not sorry in the slightest.