King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, October 4

BLS Update (the last 3)

I’m glad that Broski is home and seems to be recovering as well as is possible. I know he doesn’t normally blog at the weekend, but after chatting with him earlier, he said that he felt short-changed because I didn’t do a total of 40 silly/stupid things that he has done in his 38 years. So, to make up for this, I have added 3 more, giving a total of 40.

38. Whilst living in Stalybridge (Manchurian territory; I’m an avid Arsenal fan so it was hard for me to be there and not get into a fight!), Broski took me to a local watering hole to see in the New Year. I got horrendously drunk – your fault Broski! Walking there he’d had the “wonderful” idea of taking a short cut through some fields, armed with a big torch. Going back home in the wee hours on January 1st, he instantly regretted several things: a) plying me with so many drinks, b) taking the “short cut” (I kept disappearing and collapsing in the field, only to be found because of my hiccupping) and, c) bringing the big torch with him (or should that be big sister?!); Broski had a hard time carrying me and the torch home!
39. Bringing me along to one of his DJ-ing gigs in South Wales. Apparently I made a big fool of myself (I don’t remember thanks to the alcohomol!, thank goodness!)
40. Still living in Stalybridge, taking ownership of a cat that didn’t seem quite “right”. It was a lovely cat, but turns out it only had half a brain. Only Broski could adopt an animal like that! The poor thing was put to sleep to put it out of its misery – the cat not Broski!