King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, October 11

Here's to the Birthday Boy!

On this day 38 years ago, October 11th 1971, at 2.15pm GMT, the “Rikaitch” was born.
Wikipedia: “Rikaitch” a Celtic metamorphism that uses/used a Cockney dialect. Highly endangoured species; only one and a half left in the world. The half is believed to be a “Johnaitch”.
A speedy birth, resulting in an “alien”that was too small for its own skin; my beloved Broski arrived with a plop (no toilet references here – I promise, and no, he wasn’t born in the toilet). How the world has changed… On this day in history:

Births On (October 11st)
· 1821 - "Sir George Williams, Founder of the YMCA"
· 1844 - "Henry John Heinz, American food manufacturer"
· 1884 - "Eleanor Roosevelt, Wife of former President F.D Roosevelt"
· 1918 - "Jerome Robbins, American director and choreographer"
· 1928 - "Ennio Morricone, Italian composer & film scorer"
· 1937 - "Bobby Charlton, Football superstar,and England team player"
· 1947 - "Alan Pascoe, 'Olympic' hurdler"
· 1949 - "Daryl Hall, Of the Pop group 'Hall and Oates'"

Events On (October 11st)
· 1919 - The first ever 'inflight' meals were served on a flight from London to Paris
· 1958 - The BBC TV sports programme 'Grandstand' was first transmitted
· 1966 - The General Post Office announced the introduction of a postcode for every home & business in Britain
· 1980 - "Russian cosmonauts returned to earth, after spending a record 185 days in space"
· 1982 - "After 437 years, the remains of Henry VIII ship the 'Mary Rose' were raised from the seabed"
· 1987 - "Sandy Lyle, the Scottish golfer, won the German Masters"
· 1988 - "Female students were admitted to Magdelene College Cambridge, after 446 years of a male only policy"

Let’s end this with a perfect rendition of Pseudonymph’s wonderful birthday song!