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Wednesday, November 11

Big cats in the neighbourhood

Back in the land of the South Londoner, imagine my surprise to find out that a black puma/panther has been spotted not two miles from where I was dragged up. Then, more surprisingly, it made it into that local paper that another (presumeably same) black cat had been seen not only in the locality, but in the woods where I played as a child.Then the hysteria started. NewsShopper reported on it (with artist impression), London Lite, and apparently even the Sun (but I can't find the link for this).
Then, some bright spark posts a video. It follows the path from the top of the woods right down to the bottom, and as you get near the bottom a big cat can be very clearly seen. Meanwhile, both me and BLS will be screaming with glee that someone's actually filmed where we were regularly caught lighting fires or playing man hunt.


The Beast of SE19 from Andy Pontin on Vimeo.