King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, November 12

News update

First, and foremost, I had an appointment with the Advisory service yesterday regarding suitability for John to live with me or his mum. The meeting was very late, very rushed and very interesting. In short, to be told that what I have done so far is "admirable" says that I already have the person dealing with our case on side.

Secondly, I have a new photo. Most of you that did look last week were disappointed at what you saw, so this week I thought I'd give you a view of what you were expecting.
See it here
Again, no responsibility will be accepted by vomit inducing clicks. The yellow stuff is iodine, not "goop" (TDT's lovely description of what has been coming out for weeks). In the meantime I have been seen by a doctor regarding my much bloatedness (as much as 8" extra around my waist from one day to the next), and expressed my concerns regarding sleepiness. This also set off warning bells and I was sent for a blood test, where a young nurse who obviously previously worked at Dewhirst (the butcher's) made a right mess of my left arm. To say I felt a prick is an understatement.