King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, December 9

Crash Test Dummies

If you haven't heard of this band from the mid 90s, then you don't know what you missed. Admittedly they're a bit of a one hit wonder in the UK with the most excellent "Mmm mmm mmm mmm," which is linked personally to the birth of John and was on the radio several times throughout the day when his mum was in labour.

John and I have been big fans for many years, and the deep meaningful lyrics mean that an underlying message is always passed on. "God Shuffled his feet" is a fine fine example of this. Taking what would be considered a sermon, He tells tales of how people should be loved, but how they will actually be received.
The most eye opening thing is the lead singer. Until this weekend I'd never seen a video of them playing, and the image I had of the lead singer was a tall bald bloke, not dissimilar to "right said fred." Imagine my shock to see he's actually a metalhead, with long hair. Well, on to this week's video. The most excellent tale of getting old and sick, he decides he's to measure his life by how many days he spends in his pyjamas and how many coffeespoons he uses.