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Wednesday, January 20

Overactive Cringe Gland?

Over 10 years ago I came across an Iranian comedian called Omid Djalili. As it turns out, his family are from Iran, and he does a perfect accent, but he's actually a dodgy cockney geezer. He has the incredible ability to make fun of the British, but in a way that isn't even slightly offensive. We all find something true in what he says. He also makes fun of the Iranians, which is done by pretending to be a bad comedian. The first clip this week demonstrates exactly what he's about. And yes Dad, the first half isn't meant to be that funny.

Well recently I was amazed to see that Peter Jones (he of much wonga on Dragon's Den) has been ditched by Money Supermarket and they've decided to use Omid instead.

Now each time that advert appeared, I'd sit there, with the biggest smile on my face. He manages to capture so much glee in everything he says, and the reactions of the people he interacts with are delightful. Even the caption at the end is more entertaining with a cry of "How much to get me down?" "A tenner!" comes the reply. "I'll give you fifty," he shouts back.
Well, on to this week's video, and it's the sequel advert, again for Money Supermarket. This time he's accosting people in an office. Watch out for the indirect insult to the woman on the phone, which has me howl with laughter each time.