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Tuesday, January 19

Court in the act (again)

Today I am mostly going to be in court, regarding custody etc of John. Whilst today is only a brief (geddit?) appearance, lasting some 15 minutes or so, one of three things could happen.
  • The Judge rules that there isn't sufficient cause to rule today, and a full day will be required next month. (most likely)
  • The Judge rules that the mother doesn't show enough interest in the case, and rules in my favour. (best case scenario)
  • The Judge has a pulmonary embolism and rules in the mother's favour. (worst case scenario)
I'm all suited and booted, and have even polished my shoes. I'll be back later with the results. Wish me luck.

*edit* 14:30 and I'm finally home. I should add a fourth option...
  • The mother's solicitor hasn't had a chance to take instructions from her, so the case will be adjourned for a week.
 Can you guess which option actually happened?