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Monday, February 1

The cult of cars

Have you noticed how in recent years we've lost interest in famous everyday objects. Cars are a good example. In the 70s you could take your crappy old Ford Capri and paint it red and white, and instantly you're cool because you have Starsky's car. In the 80s it became a black ford sierra with a red light that moved back and forward on the front grill, or an aluminium car from Ireland with egg boxes on the boot. As kids, we had that famous poster of a Lamborghini Countach adorning our bedroom walls, and we all swooned over the latest motor to be driven by "Bond, James Bond." For those fans of two wheels there was Streethawk, and for something faster and more airbourne, we were treated to Blue Thunder, followed closely by Airwolf.
And now what do we have? The Cortina GXL in Life on Mars just scraped in as a classic. Knight Rider's been brought back with the eponymous Ford Mustang. As for Del Boy's three wheeled van, even that's been sold to a museum. We need a new global TV series,with a cult vehicle... Maybe something as extravagant as a Ford Focus or Vauxhall Insignia.