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Tuesday, February 2

Another day in court

Yes, I know, Groundhog day again. Although, this time, I genuinely believe the final judgement will be made. Everything the judge has requested has now been supplied, so hopefully by lunchtime today I will know what he thinks is best for John. I also don't believe in luck, in that the judge will rule on what's best, not because of some 4 leaf clover or rusty old horseshoe.

So, wish me luck.

*edit* 1200 and I'm home. WOO and indeed YAY! His mother has agreed to let him stay with me until 31st July, ensuring he finishes his exams, on the condition she sees him in half term (already booked) and at Easter for a week. I never had a problem with either, so it's all sorted. The most important thing is that it means he doesn't have to keep being put through the sorrow of either of us getting upset about the other's actions, and he can get on with his life. I also was told that I shouldn't really be blogging it, so if you're reading this Chris, heart-felt thanks for finally listening to what's best for John and choosing that for him.