King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, February 3

On breakfast shows.

I don't do mornings, but one thing that makes mornings more bearable is lively chat on the radio. You know the sort of thing, kinda like Robin Williams on Good Morning Vietnam...

Well, the reality is that over the years we've had some great breakfast shows. Noel Edmonds was the first back in the 70s with his lively banter and fun aspect, but over the years we've had some great brekkie DJs entertaining us. Most recently is Chris Evans, back after many years in exile (drivetime on Radio 2), and at his best early in the morning. You can't fail to listen to his show and sit with a large smile on your face. So much so in fact I've taken to waking myself up at 7am with my clock radio, and listening to his show whilst John gets ready, or going downstairs and listening to it in the lounge.

But, that's not the video of the week. This week's video is dedicated to the God of Breakfast Shows. Back in the late 80s former Tiswas Presenter Chris Tarrant took over the local radio show at Capital, London's station. Within 5 years he was drawing in more listeners than people that officially lived in London (5.5 million residents and 8.5 million listeners, go figure?) and his banter was legendary. He had some memorable quizzes, including the now infamous "Who wants to be a millionaire" and his laughter was completely contagious. So, this week, I present to you a typical slice of mayhem on the Chris Tarrant Breakfast show.