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Monday, February 8

On new levels of depravity with TDT

I know she won't mind me telling you, but TDT and I have a new game. It involves much flicking of wrists and choice use of fingertips. It has us occupied for many hours of an evening, and it has even got John involved.
Get your mind out of the gutter. It's not what you were thinking, it's Pictionary online. If you've never played it, it's easy enough. Take a word, and draw it's meaning. The other players must then guess what it is. You have 2 minutes to guess and whilst the simple words are the most fun, the harder ones can be fiendishly difficult. We found it on a simple java based website called jippii, and you can play it here.
The interface is simple enough. If you're guessing, you just have a chat box to type into. The computer detects your guesses and if you type the word it's looking for, you get the points. If you're drawing, then you get a simple blank canvas with a few drawing controls like pen, box, circle and spray can. You can also do colours. Let me give you a simple example of one I had last night.
Guess away in the comments box. TDT isn't allowed to guess, because she got it right last night. We also had Ireland and Spain as words, which are on the easiest of the easy scale. Admittedly we can get silly. Well I say "we," I mean me and John. But this is half the fun. TDT would disagree, frowning severely when I make reference to a fart or something.
The point is, when we're 300 miles apart, being able to talk and half fun at the same time with all three of us is a great thing. It means we know more about each other's like and dislikes, how our brains are wired, and how we feel then couple who live a couple of miles apart and see each other every night. This is a good thing.