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Wednesday, March 24

The best comedy scene evah

Those that know me know I'm a huge fan of Only Fools and Horses. The series that ran for nearly 20 years about 2 brothers, Del and Rodney, and their South London ways ring true to my upbringing, but also the most excellent writing of John Sullivan. The banter between the two brothers, their extended family (Grandad/Uncle Albert) and their friends means that you know most of the characters really well and feel for them. In my eyes it was the best comedy because it could be so bitter sweet. You would be howling with laughter one minute, then fighting back the tears the next. Such subjects like Rodney's wife Cassandra miscarriage and how Del got Rodney to cope with it by trapping him in the lift still has me shedding a tear to this day. Then again, the ongoing jokes with the characters like Trigger are priceless. Trigger is less than bright. He was so called because he's like a "man without a horse," and lives in his own blissfully unaware world. One of the best gags is that he calls Rodney "Dave."

In one of the last episodes, Rodney asks him why he calls him Dave, because his name's Rodney. "Is it?" says Trigger, "So why's everyone else call you Dave?"

Over the years it did some truly inspired scenes. Take Del and Trigger to a wine bar, and how on earth can you make them not pull? How about a mishap with an opening bar?

That was voted the single best Only Fools and Horses scene a couple of years ago. I could waffle on all day about other scenes; the chandelier, the Batman and Robin scene, the birth of Del's Damien. But instead, I'd like you to see the funniest and cleverest scene in my eyes. The scene where Del and Rodney become millionaires.