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Tuesday, March 9

More mysterious personages.

See, I knew the women would be too easy. So, if you hadn't worked it out, here's the answers again with youtube videos attached.

1. Cyndi Lauper. Well done Erin.

2.The Weathergirls. The one talking always reminds me of Tom(of Tom and Jerry)'s female owner. The points go to Pseudonymph.

3. The Bangles. Erin got this first.

4. Tanita Tikaram. I thought this was hard. I was wrong. Erin got it.

5. Pat Benatar. Again, apparently this was too easy for Erin.

6. Siousxie Sioux. BLS was a huge fan of Siousxie and the Banshees. I hated it, and still do. Erin got it however.

7. Strawberry Switchblade. Well done to Audrey

8. Nena. Who remembers singing 99 red balloons in German? Squeakypony got it, after much wrangling.

9. Stevie Nicks. Would. Erin got there first again.

10. Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins. Again, Erin trounced you all.

Maybe something a bit harder this week? How about premiers of countries. You know, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Captains Regent (bit of a clue there). 1 point for country, 2 points for their name. 3 possible in total.

1. He's not really a cowboy. No, really.

2. Lose 10 points if you say Mr. Bean.

3. This man always has a badge showing his country's flag, so I had to photoshop it.

4. Lose another 10 points if you say "Paul Robinson from Neighbours."


6. No comment.

7. "Two beers please."

8. Now this guy just looks odd.

9. This is *really* hard. Even finding a normal picture was difficult, so excuse the quality.

10. This image has been played with a tad...

*edit* Just for TDT


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