King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, March 10

The best comedy sketch evah

And so, here are your requests for funny videos. No Ricky Gervais thank God!

First of all, man of fish Waldon asked for the Two Ronnies' "Swedish made simple"

And still, no joy with Ronnie Corbett as an Arab. Even Google's never heard of it. I'll keep looking though.

Vicus Scurra nominated Pete and Dud with the one legged Tarzan audition, which is wordery of the highest order.

(the original is too short. This is miles better, but apologies for the sound quality)

Audrey nominated a recent addition, how to make a news item, as seen through the eyes of Charlie Brooker. I must admit this made me roar!

And finally BLS nominated Robin Williams doing his best Scottish Accent. Enjoy.