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Tuesday, March 2

More mystical musicians

First of all, it gives me great pleasure to reveal myself to you. Well, the answers to last week at least. (click on the answer to see proof on Youtube)

1. Steve Winwood. Well done Dad.

2. Huey Lewis (sans the news). Again, Dad got this first.

3. J. Jeczalik. "Who?" I hear you cry. Main man behind the Art of Noise, one of my favourite 80s bands.

4. John Farnham. I knew the Antipodean contingent would get him, but congrats to Squeakypony for getting it first.

5. Bruce Hornsby. Well Done Dad. I knew you'd get it though. (the Youtube video isn't his most famous "The way it is." It's my personal favourite "Mandolin Rain.")

6. Trevor Horn, again from the Art of Noise. Also world famous music producer.

7. Henry Wayne Casey, AKA KC (of the Sunshine Band). The photo was a particularly early one. He went a lot darker in the later videos, so check out this one to hear my favourite. 'Nuff respect to Squeakypony for getting that.

8. Eddie Van Halen. Mid-trademark jump. TDT gets the points for this one.

9. I can't believe no one got one of the biggest musicians of the past 40 years. Click here to kick yourself.

10. J Geils of the J Geils Band. See, told you it was difficult!

Now for this weeks. How about the same thing, but with women from the same era? Think it'll be easier?

1. Let's start it off easy.


3. Easy Peasy :-p



6. This one's for BLS.

7. Not so easy now, is it?


9. I fancied this woman when I was about 15. Can you blame me?

10. And finally, from my favourite 80s band.

Answers as always, in the comments box.