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Wednesday, March 31

On old videos

Saturday morning saw me converting old VHS tapes to DVD for a friend (and lurker on here). One of the ones he asked me to convert was the most excellently funny "Sinderella" featuring and written by the inimitable Jim Davidson. "An Adult Panto? Are you sure?" people normally say. The fact it, being from Jim, you know it's going to be crude, but it really is staggeringly crude. This, on the whole, is a good thing because that's what makes it so much funnier. With the inclusion of the very old Charlie Drake, you get some comedy gold as they play on the fact he's losing his memory, he drinks too much and he forgets his lines. Oh, and his memory's bad. The resulting corpsing is all too common but even funnier. We'll be watching it here on Friday Night. I don't think TDT's going to fully enjoy it (which is surprising. Sometimes her mouth is as blue as his), but I know her niece is going to enjoy the rautious humour. In the meantime, I thought I'd make it the video of the week, so you can see what I mean.