King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, March 30

Celebrities with a twist.

TRT's most excellent reverse image search has to be beaten. So, here for you to identify are 10 well known celebrities with a twist added.

1. One of Hollywood's hottest properties.

2. Hmmm, a blonde female... how hard.

3. John didn't get this before I twisted it.

4. This one's quite easy...

5. This one's almost disturbing.

6. Possibly one of the most unfunny comedians (now there's a clue!)

7. I'll understand if non-brits don't get this one.

8. One of my favourite actresses. Never seen her in a bad film.

9. I wonder if you can twist in a Nun's Habit?

10. And finally, an easy one...

Plz to be commenting as usual with your guesses below.