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Wednesday, April 21

The mystery of the missing comedy duo.

Back in a1984 a comedy duo appeared on our TVs for the first time. Gareth Hale and Norman Pace were a couple of ex-PE teachers from South London, with my sense of humour. By 1988 they went on to be one of the hottest properties on ITV, winning award after award for their warped and hysterically funny sketch shows. They had a whole group of characters that would re-occur, the most famous of which was the Two Rons. The two doormen that were there to protect them on the show, and kept an eye on proceedings. One was very hard and astute (Pace) and the other was as thick as two short planks (Hale).

(now I know my father will appreciate this... It's his level of humour)
In the first series they went for the shock factor. Things like the cat in a microwave which outraged hundreds of viewers made them all the more famous. They also had an affinity with the North, and loved to take the pee out of Yorkshire folk with such gems as the Northern Calypso and "Yorkshire Airline"

And so finally, to my video of the week. My personal favourite is also BLS's, where they do the simplest and cheapest sketch ever. Take two comedians and two torches. It's the Power Cut.