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Monday, April 19

On fine quandries.

As you know, when I went out to Ireland I got done for speeding. 132kph in a 100kph zone. This equates to 80 in a 60mph, but is speeding, all the same. When I was stopped, the copper took my name and address, and said that a fine would be sent, but that if I didn't pay it then nothing would be done about it because they can't chase it up. This, in everyone's mind including my own, meant that it wouldn't turn up.
It did. Arriving home after what was one of the longest and most chaotic days of my life ever on Friday, I had a quick scan of the post before going to bed. The envelope gave away the bad news when it said "Return to Co. Tipperary" on the back, and sure enough inside is the report that I have to pay €80 by the end of April or face a larger fine of €120. Now this is where I ask your help. What do you reckon I should do?
  • Pay now, and get it out the way.
  • Leave it, they'll never follow it up.
  • Leave it, and if I get stopped say I never received the penalty notice.
  • Leave it, and if I get stopped say I had paid it.
  • Leave it and if I get stopped then offer to pay.
Bearing in mind, I'll be living over there in the summer. This means the chances of me getting found out and caught up with are quite high. But, then again, would they be expecting me to pay? Answers on a postcard please.