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Friday, April 16

Goodbye, dear Ireland

So we're leaving today, but not on a jet plane (along with the rest of Western Europe). The car's survived the potholed roads, we've survived the high costs, and my liver's on strike. I've learnt how to pronounce a lot more in Irish, I've seen Father Ted's House. I've been done for speeding, and gotten off. I've taken 6 hours to do 200 miles, and this afternoon I'll take 4 hours to do the same.
I've put up a satellite dish, set up a new DVD player, played immense amounts with a VoIP phone, and wired a stereo into TDT's TV. I've tidied her cupboards (local word 'press'), I've experimented with my cooking, I've done some classics. I've slept late, I've gotten up early. I've seen hail, snow and sunburn. And now I have to pack. Have a good weekend, and see you back in Wales on Monday.