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Wednesday, May 5

Another great pairing

Just like lamb and mint, ying and yang and north and south, who can forget the pairing of Jimmy Perry and David Croft? My father is constantly telling us that sitcoms are dire now. I have to agree, but I also know there are some funny programmes out there, whereas he'd like nothing more than a "Perrycroft" channel on his TV where he can sit all day every day watching the delights of Mrs Slocombe's Pussy or Pike's "Stupid Boy"

Now admittedly, they have written other gems. I was explaining to TDT about "It ain't half hot mum," another series with catchphrases galore, and parodies of the British Army again.

But finally, who can forget the great tale of a 1950's holiday camp. The joys of the chalets, and the fact they can catch fire so easily. Hi-de-hi campers.