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Tuesday, May 11

On the NHS again

I know Tuesday's normally a day for a quiz and the answers, but I have a pleasant surprise lined up that's taking far longer than is planned, so you'll have to wait until Thursday for the results and a new quiz. All I'll say is it'll be 26 clips of 26 films in alphabetical order, and you have to identify them.

Ok, so the NHS isn't as good as it could be. I know this, any other UK resident knows this, and we have learned over the past 30 years and thanks to Thatcher's regime, that the NHS is to be used but not abused, and like it or pay through the nose. Unfortunately, people outside of the UK don't understand this.

My mishap over the past couple of weeks has highlighted just how frustrating it can be, but we really don't have a choice. TDT and I have repeated come to loggerheads about the abuse I have been put through regarding the hernia operation back in September and what should have, could have, and was done. Admittedly, the term 'Practice', for medical procedures is looking more and more apt, as I feel like the person who's been practised on. The list of problems since the operation has grown slowly but steadily and the recent requirement of visiting the Doc's again for an x-ray and confirmation my guts weren't about to fall out and make a soft pink mess on the pavement has left me a little more disillusioned. The reality is what can I do about it? I can go to Ireland's quacks, get told that they can operate but it'll cost an arm and a leg (along with a slightly distended belly). Or I can pay over here, which means I'll have to find Bupa or some such prepared to fix the problem, but for fear of providing proof that my surgeon hasn't done his job and I can then sue him. Not an option. Or, I can stick with the cowboys with the meat cleavers and 18 month waiting lists, and hope. Frustrating is not the word, but I'm open to suggestions.