King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, May 21

Tales of my demise have been greatly exaggerated..

Ever had one of those days where 5 minutes to yourself is a rare and prized thing? Well that was me the past two days.

On Wednesday I had offered to pop over in the morning to the delightful Debbie's place to sort out all the small and simple jobs that need doing around her new home. Things like getting the kitchen down lighters working, sorting her stationary for her new address on the PC, that sort of thing. I was there by 11. I got home just before 8 that night, and there was no way I was going to blog that late.

Then yesterday was another day to befall those with bad time management (ie; me). John had his first GCSE at school, and the school have the infinite wisdom that he should get there a whole 90 minutes before it was due to start. It was due to start at 9:15, so muggins here had to drive him the 20 or so miles to get him there by 7:45. I'd forgotten a few bits to finish properly at Debbie's so I said I'd go straight there from John's school, and actually got there at 8:10. I then left at 11 to collect John at 11:30, his best hope of a GCSE polished off, before returning home just after midday. We sat on the settee, had a nice satisfying lunch, watched Bargain Hunt and then fell asleep. By the time we then both woke up, it was gone 5, and we'd lost another day. Bugger.

I have also been playing. First of all, I wanted an animated avatar for my profile on facebook. Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, have put a bar on animated pictures, so it doesn't work. But, it does work on my website, so, here you go.

It's guaranteed to make you smile.

Secondly, because there was no video on Wednesday, I thought I'd enlighten you all with a song guaranteed to have you joining in. The worst thing is, John already knew this. Either a) I'm getting old, or b) he's getting old or even worse c) we're both getting old.

See you next week, promise!