King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, June 16

On Pop Videos

A pop video should be something to compliment a music track. It shouldn't however just be the artist(s) singing into the camera. The King of Pop should have known better, but for some unknown reason this video was voted last week as the best pop video ever.

Now, I personally think he's done a lot better than this. His video fest that was the movie Moonwalker, shows how he can do some truly staggering pop videos, and his best in my opinion was Smooth Criminal. Meanwhile, second on the list of most popular videos was this one by some bloke called Le Bon...

Again, a lot of eye candy, quick changes of camera views and blokes singing into the camera. How disappointing. So, to this week's video of the week, and my all time favourite pop video. Please to be nominating your own favourites.
Fat Boy Slim, Weapon of Choice (starring a very cool Christopher Walken)