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Wednesday, July 21

Apologies for lateness

Poor poor chemo is ill. His water pump is failing, and he's squeaking as he dies, so he's been in the doctor's all morning ready for a water pump transplant. I have gotten him a nice new pump, but the garage can't fit it until this afternoon/tomorrow, so I only just got home now.

In the meantime, something guaranteed to have you choking back the tears. This was shown on BBC1 last night, and those of you on facebook will have already seen it, but it's the tale of the bionic cat. A vet has some up with some new limbs for him, and after grafting titanium to his stumps (following a maiming of the highest order by a combine harvester) he finally gets to plug the new legs onto the cat. The cat's reaction is amazing and the vet is visibly moved.