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Friday, July 23

On saying the wrong thing...

When we were kids, we said the wrong things thinking them to mean something else. As you grow up, you learn not to do this, but sometimes they could be real gems.
I was convinced it was a "Wash Car," and always wanted toy ones. I also would say "excavator" as a moving stairway...
BLS would refer to "poons", something we all still say today. This backfired on me in college a few years ago whilst on a teabreak, and I announced I needed a poon. Everyone else looked disgusted, and one of my students announced "I don't wish to know that." They'd misheard it as Poo.
When we went to Devon back in November, John spotted a Vegetarian Hospital. And then on Wednesday he wanted to turn over the TV to watch "Dinosaurs Murder" with Dick Van Dyke.
Have you got any that you said or your kids have said?