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Thursday, July 8

On breaking t'internets

Last Tuesday night my router (pronounced rooter) reset without warning. I thought "hmmm, suspicious" but carried on. By Wednesday lunchtime it refused to stay on at all, so a trip to the thriving metropolis and popping into my old Maplin, I scanned the shelves for the ultimate router (pronounced rooter), the Netgear DG384G.They had them in stock, but at the overpriced £60, I took the trip into the hell that is Pissy world. Sure enough, they're £35 in there.
Now before I go any further, I have to explain something. When I move to Ireland (28th August or thereabouts, fact fans) I will want to set this router (pronounced rooter) to a static IP address. I wasn't sure if the DG384G can do that, so I asked, and was assured I could. I got home with my new toy, and set it up. After much checking and rechecking it started to work. Then it would sign me off t'internet with the message "authentication failed." By Tuesday I was fed up, so I phoned Netgear. They advised me to update the ickle program inside, and I did. Then it stopped working altogether, not even acknowledging the network cables were plugged in. So I went back to Pissy World and swapped it. It's now working again but I have again had strange resets and disconnects. So as long as it lasts the next 7 or so weeks, I don't care if there's something wrong with the line.
So, if you find your internet's broken, then you can blame me. I better be careful saying that, or companies like Talk Talk will. Let's face it, they blame anyone else.