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Tuesday, July 6

Addicted to games

First of all, I must apologise for lack of posting. This travelling to Ireland malarky means I don't have any spare time, and when I do I sleep. I'm now back for a little while and boring you all again.
Secondly, the answers to the eyes have it quiz.

1. Reginald Dwight aka Elton John. See, told you it was easy.

2. Daniel Michaeli aka Danny Devito

3. Agnes Bojaxhiu aka Mother Teresa

4. Thomas Mapother IV aka Tom Cruise

5. Maurice Micklewhite aka "my name is" Michael Caine

6. Prescilla White aka Cilla Black

7. David McDonald aka David Tennant (who chose the name whilst watching the Pet Shop Boys, apparently)

8. Arthur Jefferson aka Stan Laurel. Not Oliver Stanley, BLS.

9. Alicia Moore aka Pink

10. Issur Danielovitch aka Kirk Douglas.

Easy, weren't they?

OK, now something a little bit more different. Remember when, as a child, a visit to an arcade or pub was a good thing. We all enjoyed a bit of Pacman or Space Invaders. So, this week, I'm going to show you 10 bits of a screenshot of an arcade classic. Can you name them, and bonus points if you say the year they first appeared.

1. Possibly one of the most famous driving games. Who can remember driving that Ferrari along and crashing into a truck?

2. Good lord, is that Mario I see?

3. I remember this as a table top game.

4. Oh God, please no! Who remembers twiddling the knob? (fnarr fnarr)

5. The second vector game, done after Lunar Lander.

6. Remember spinning those steering wheels?

7. Maybe made popular by Top Gun.

8. How many times do you fall off a cliff whilst frantically rolling a ball?

9. I'm reminded of this game in the skies above TDT's house at about 7 in the morning.

10. And finally, one of the most detailed and accurate driving simulators ever.