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Wednesday, July 14

On great 70s moments.

I have to admit, I kinda wish I was older in the 70s. I would have had the opportunity to appreciate some truly great comedy, and none of this politically correct crap that is on today. As mentioned recently, the Goodies were a great comedy team, along with other greats like Kenny Everett.

Of course, Kenny Everett would have been locked up today for what he did, but my God, was he funny! Who can forget characters like Sid Snot and Cupid Stunt (yes, kids, it's a spoonerism). I was recently talking to John about another great series with the lovey that went on to become Phantom of the Opera. Yes, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, featuring Michael Crawford (any relation Psuedonymph?). The show was famous for it's stunts, with MC actually doing them himself. No worrying about liability insurance, they just got on with what he said he was capable of. One of his most famous was his first attempt at a roller disco...

Which leads me on to this week's video. One of those great comedy moments no one ever forgets from the 70s. The moment where Frank and Betty accidentally end up hanging over the side of Beachy Head.