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Thursday, July 15

On replacing a screen on a Nokia phone

John broke the screen on his Nokia 6700 in truly record time, taking only 3 weeks. So, I had to replace it. Looking around on t' internets, I came across this video, which is not me speaking...

What the video doesn't tell you is things like...
  • The flash chip is the size of a grain of salt, and hurts when it flicks in your eye. It is also damn hard to find on the floor afterwards.
  • The glass is notoriously difficult to clean, and keeps popping out of the front cover.
  • The front cover is truly a majestic pain in the arse to get off.
  • Inside the front cover is also a metal spring thing that makes the keys return up. This also hurts when flicked in the eye.
  • Apparently the screwdriver isn't the one he says always. It depends on what screws Nokia could get cheap that week.
  • The screen doesn't just pull out of the socket. It requires a crow bar, a large man to sit on the far end (me) and a couple of whiskies to calm you down afterwards.
  • Putting it back together requires you do so six times because either the keypad, keypad spring, screen, outer facia, side facia, volume control or screen (yes, it happened twice) moves.
All this so that he can break it next time in 2 weeks. Kids. Peh.